The voluntary agreement
(Pressemelding 29.9.2015, London) 

ifpilogo-storIFPI today welcomes the agreement struck by the music industry in France, aimed at boosting the legal digitalmusic market and enhancing the value of music for all rights holders.

The voluntary agreement, facilitated by France’s Minister of Culture and Communications, brings together organisations representing French record companies,unions, recording artists, performers, online music services and others. They will work together to help foster a sustainable music industry, diversity and innovation, clarity on revenue distribution and a fair value for music recordings.

The agreement has been promoted by French government intermediary, Marc Schwartz, who was appointed in May 2015 to lead discussions on the development of the online music business between producers, performers and digital platforms.

The “Agreement for a fair development of online music” was announced to the French parliament today by the Minister of Culture, Fleur Pellerin.

As part of its support for the agreement, the French government will continue to promote copyright in Europe and internationally. In particular, it will seek clarification to rules applicable to online content distribution platforms.

Responding to the French announcement, Frances Moore, CEO of IFPI, said: 
“The recording industry has succeeded in the digital world by embracing change, licensing music wherever it can and adapting its business to new models. Today’s announcement in France is the latest step along that path and is a positive initiative, which we welcomeRecord companies in France have agreed to work with performers’ groups and digital services on important objectives: to enhance the value of music for all rights holders, further develop a successfuland sustainable music landscape, and bring greater clarity and understanding on the distribution of revenues to different parties. They will also work to secure and improve the already diverse range of digital offerings among the hundreds of legal online services that are available to consumers.”

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